"Amazing tradition. They throw a great party for you on the one day they know you can't come."

"And now, Karen Bowers, an old college friend of Alex's, will play one of Alex's favorite songs."
....Karen starts playing 'You can't always get what you want', and the others slowly start to smile.:) This is for you B&B!

"So how's your life?"
"Oh, great. How's yours?"
"Not so great."
"Ohhh, we're telling the truth."

"The last time I spoke with Alex, we had a fight. I yelled at him."
"That's probably why he killed himself... What was the argument about?"
"I told him he was wasting his life."

"No... I know that Richard will always be faithful to me."
"That's nice. You trust."
"Fear of herpes."

"Harold, don't you have any other music , you know, from this century?"
"There is no other music, not in my house."
"There's been a lot of terrific music in the last ten years."
"Like what?"

"Did I miss Karen and Richard?"
"Just Richard, Karen's staying for the weekend and he went back to be with the kids."
"Ohhhhh, interesting. What did Richard have to say about this?"
"Michael, if you're going to sleep this late, you're going to miss a few minidramas."
"I just hope you'll wake me for anything really nasty."

"You see Sarah, Harold, we took a secret vote. We're not leaving. We're never leaving."

ANSWER: The Big Chill (1983)

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