"You stink like humans!"

"We're in control now! We're the 800 pound gorilla!"
"Who are you?"
"Captain Leo Davidson. I'm a pilot in the US Air Force. I come from a planet called Earth."

"They're all dead cause they were out looking for me."
"We're alive because of you."

"I'm responsible for all of this. I'm never going home. Just like them."
"....I can't go home either. Maybe we're not so different."
"No. We're very different. You care about everybody, but yourself."
"Doesn't matter -Apes, humans..my planet, your planet. The universe seems only to reward cruelty with power."
"No. Not always. Not if we fight back. Just not sure how."

"Who the hell are they?"
"Your story is spreading through the villages. They all want to see this human who defies the apes."
"Well, send them all back."
"Back where? They left their homes to be with you."

"This is a fight we can't win. I want you all to break up and scatter. I'll draw them off. I'm the one they want. Alright? Come on! Let's go! ...Let's go! Come on! ...Look, you gotta make your people understand, it's over. There's no help coming."
"You came."

"You know one day they'll tell a story about a human who came from the stars and changed our world. Some will say it was just a fairy tale; but, it was never real. But I'll know."

ANSWER: Planet of the Apes (2001)

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