"I got thirty-eight cases pending trial. Sixty-three in active investigations. Another two hundred and fifty on the log I can't clear. I supervise five officers. That's five different personalities, five sets of problems. You could be number six, if you act right. But I ain't holding no hands, you understand? I ain't babysitting. You got *today* and today only to show me who and what you're made of. Don't like narcotics, get the fuck out of my car, go back to the office, get a nice pussy desk job, you know, chasing bad checks or something. You hear me?"
"I hear you."
"Okay. ..Why'd you want to be a narc?"
"I want to, um, serve my community by ridding it of dangerous drugs."
"Right. Right. But why'd you want to be a narc?"
"Ha, uhI want to make detective."
"There you go. You can do it, stick with me. You can do it. Unlearn that bullshit they teach you at the academy though. Don't bring none of that shit in here. Get you killed out here."
"I will do anything you want me to do."

"You okay kid? That was a man's size hit you took dog. When's the last time you smoked weed?"
"Uhh..the last time..uh, twelfth grade. We were...oh, we were.."
"Smokin weed?"
"Yeah, you left that out of your service jacket didn't you? Yeah, I know you got secrets, everybody got secrets. Didn't know you liked to get wet though."
"What's wet?"
"Butt-naked. Ill. Churn. Dust. PCP. Primos. P-dog. that's what you had, that's what you were smoking. You couldn't taste it."
"No, I never done it."
"You have now. I haven't, but you have."
"Oh! Oh! I'm going to get piss tested, and I'm going to get fired!"
"Lieutenant's got our back. We know a week before we piss."
"Why did you do this to me?"
"Oh, you're an adult man. Noone told you to smoke that. You made a decision, live with your decision. It ain't like I put a gun to your head."

"Listen, you are in a privileged position to learn a thing or two. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. If you say you're serious about doing some good in the real world, well, this is the place to learn. But if this kinda shit shakes you up, maybe you outta go back to your division, you know, cry to the watch commander, give you a nice job, lighting flares or measuring car wrecks. You gotta decide - whether you're a *Wolf* or a *Sheep*. ...Get your ink, or go give him a hand."

"How come you got the gold pass?"
"I treat em fair. They know if they cross the line, I'm taxin that ass."
"...what's that up there?"
"They're flipping pigeons, lettin everybody know I'm here."

"What you doin on the block rookie? I know you don't blow it around here."
"....you got business here rookie?"
"I'm here for Alonzo."

ANSWER: Training Day (2001)

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